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Nova Hangar Party
-May 11, 2016-
Dine Around the World
-January 13, 2017-

helping young professionals discover Huntsville

NOVA Huntsville was founded in January of 2016 and is made up of people who are passionate about showing young professionals that there IS something to do in Huntsville.  We are dedicated to the simple idea that YPs need to connect.  Huntsville is the fastest growing city in the state of Alabama, and we want to make sure YPs are part of that growth. 

The NOVA team is committed to being a hub of information. Our mission is to help YPs find social groups, professional groups, events, businesses, bars, restaurants, and more. 

It is our hope that by helping YPs connect we will help Huntsville improve 3 things: 
1. Quality of Life.
2. Recruitment of New People.
3. Retainment of YPs.


Geoffrey Middleton


WHY do we call ourselves "nova"?

The NOVA Name:

A nova is a star showing a sudden and large increase in brightness. We are called NOVA because: 1. Huntsville is the Rocket City and has always had its sights set on the stars; 2. Huntsville is experiencing a NOVA moment of its own in growth and development; 3. YPs are in a NOVA type phase of their life, many being fresh out of school/training and eager to grow, both professionally and personally.

The NOVA Logo:

The NOVA Star is symbolic of Huntsville’s aeronautical reputation and serves to inspire YPs to be a light in their communities. The tilted green arrow at the center of the star symbolizes progress. YPs are constantly striving to advance forward and move up in the world. It is NOVA’s goal to facilitate that progress.