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Search for Groups in Huntsville.  We have identified over 200! 

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there are Multiple ways to find any one of the hundreds of groups that are in huntsville. 
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What is a Community Group?

We categorize a community group as any group that openly invites YPs to engage in like interests (whether with older, younger, or similar ages).  This includes such groups as Social Groups, Women’s Groups, Art Groups, City Planning Groups, Networking Communities, Activity & Sports Groups, Professional Groups, Outdoor Groups, Non-Profits, and so much more.  More often than not, these amazing groups do not charge membership fees and are unable to market themselves to a wide audience.
We want to help spread the word! 
For answers to other FAQs go HERE.


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we have identified over 200 community groups here in Huntsville. 
we are currently organizing them and putting them up one at a time, focusing on names and websites first.
your patience is appreciated. more is coming soon!

if you have suggestions or tweaks please feel free to contact us!