— Frequently asked questions —

What is a Young Professional?

A young professional is any person between the ages of 21 and 35 years old. There are no other requirements for being a young professional as far as we are concerned. If you are 21-35 years old and living in Huntsville, then you are a Huntsville YP!

Does NOVA Only Support YPs?

No! Everything NOVA does (or will do) is geared towards YPs, but we welcome everyone to take part in what we are doing. It is our belief that YPs should be more engaged with the city as a whole, not secluded to their own island. 

Can Huntsville Really Sustain a Group like NOVa?

Yes! As of 2014, there were 188,226 people living in Huntsville.  By comparison, in 2014 Birmingham had a population of 212,247, Montgomery had a population of 200,481, and Mobile had a population of 194,675. Of those 188,226 there are 42,599 YPs living in Huntsville, or more than one-fifth of the total city. That means YPs make up over 20% of Huntsville, making the YP demographic the largest group in Huntsville.

What does nova do?

It is our goal to show people that there is A LOT for YPs to do in Huntsville.  We are tired of hearing people say "there's nothing to do in Huntsville."  We have social groups, women’s groups, art groups, city planning groups, networking communities, activity & sports groups, professional groups, outdoor groups, non-profits, and so much more. It is our vision that NOVA will help YPs to become more actively involved in every aspect of this great city.

What is a community group?

We categorize a community group as any group that openly invites YPs to engage in similar interests (whether with older, younger, or similar ages). 

Can I add my group to your website?

Yes!  Just go the bottom of our groups page and there is a form you can fill out.  We look forward to hearing from you.